Building Site Security

Building sites are a very attractive target for thieves and a quick look at the figures show the reasons why. The theft and vandalism at building sites in the UK has cost the industry an estimated £400 million a year which is over £1 million a day.

But even armed with such knowledge building site security is not always classed as a high priority. With most building site management teams working to strict budgets and targets the security of the building site is viewed as a costly and inefficient use of resources.

It is for this reason that potential thieves find a building site a tasty target and what a profitable target it could be, a building site is a treasure chest of high value equipment which can be sold on very quickly. It is not just the building site plant equipment that is at risk, the site office is also at risk. The office is usually located in an inaccessible area which is hard to secure and out of site

but it also contains some very expensive equipment as well as high value information. Which could be very useful to rival companies?


Thames Valley Security Services offer a wealth of high end security services to secure your building site, plant equipment and office. Our range can be used to secure anything from whole sites, scaffolding and vacant areas down to individual items  As well as offering a range of visual, physical and electronic building site security solutions, Thames Valley Security Services also offer professional advice and assistance to ensure your building site security is as watertight as possible.


Potential security measures which could assist in the security of your building site are permanent marking of all equipment, good control of staff (most thefts are committed by employees or people in the industry), ensure all keys particularly ignition keys are returned to site office, provide security passes to all staff and report all suspicious behaviour to site management and security. This measure when combined with a building site security solution from Thames Valley Security Services will ensure your building site security is at a very high level.

We offer a complete building site security solution to protect your building site.