Event Security

Thames Valley Security Services specializes in the event security needs of the industry. Our comprehensive plan covers all capacities and eventualities ensuring a smooth running of your event.

We can arrange the supply of barriers, fencing, fire safety, notices or any other event security equipment  required to benefit your particular event. Positive friendly attitude at all times towards Patrons attending your event, in particular at the points of entry where first impressions count.


Most venues and events will begin to have problems and a bad reputation when they hire Security firms who are only too happy to supply inexperienced and poorly trained aggressive door staff. The duty of our door staff is to monitor the crowd to see that everyone behaves. Our goal is to see that everyone has a good time. Our door staffs are personable, friendly, and are able to talk to people without appearing threatening or intimidating.


We are there not only to maintain security but also to assist Patrons where possible.

The mere presence of a well-trained door supervisor can be seen as a deterrent for any misconduct inside your venue or event.


We can provide dog handlers and experienced paramedics to be present at your event.

Our event security staff are trained and experienced with drug detection and weapon detection searches.

Large events/carnivals/concerts often attract drunken crowds, drug dealing, drug abuse, individuals or gangs attempting to obtain unpaid entry and crowd violence. Our event security staff will deter and monitor these activities, whilst also providing the support required to monitor entrance/exit gates and doors.


We provide both male and female staff to ensure that the same sex searching rule is provided.