Retail Security

Shopping Centers to High Streets or affluent destinations to deprived communities, the challenges facing our Officers are very diverse.

The ever-evolving world of retail security provides TVSS with the opportunity to develop its security solutions. 

These differing environments dictate the skill base required of our Officers.

At the higher end of the Market Sector, Customer Care and advisory skills are essential in the socially more challenging locations. The focus is concentrated on public safety and profit protection of customer assets.

TVSS has developed a range of training modules that reflect the specific retail environment.

The partnership of our Branch teams with our Customers, provides the ideal opportunity to understand the economic, demographic and logistical challenges facing our Customer. We provide the opportunity to discuss, agree and implement a bespoke solution for each location.

Security Guarding

Our guarding security officers are trained to the very highest standards, including appropriate Health and Safety.


All officers work under the careful direction of local management who understand your individual and business and security requirements. We encourage our officers to interact with customers to provide a personalized service. This is particularly relevant in public areas such as shopping malls and leisure areas where security guard presence offers peace of mind. All our Security guarding officers are DBS Checked and SIA licensed.  We are proud to be one of the first companies in the industry to train and register all officers by ensuring they have a safety induction before they commence work, and we go to great lengths to provide 

you with the staff whose skills best complement your business.

Our teams work as part of a dedicated 24 hour supervisory service and are fully trained to deal with the unexpected. In the case of a suspected intrusion the manned guarding team are trained to preserve the crime scene and notify both the police and client whilst maintaining a presence on the site until we are satisfied that the building is secure.